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The Upper Valley Baseball Academy is a Non Profit Organization dedicated to improving the awareness, participation, and caliber of play for baseball and softball in the Upper Valley. Our goal is to provide the highest quality training that is both affordable and accessible.

 Several years ago, along with some other coaches, parents and players, I began looking for a space where we could put some indoor batting cages. With all of the people involved and all of the collective contacts, it was nearly impossible to find any space that wasn’t premium price. I set out on a mission to change that situation. Little did I know what I was about to encounter.

Added to the fact that there was no place nearby for an indoor hitting facility, it was readily apparent that, save the occasional clinic, there was no real indoor training facility of any kind for the baseball/softball community.

Bottom line is that we were at the mercy of Mother Nature to provide playing time at outdoor fields, and our practice time is limited to the outdoor season. Given the competitive nature of athletics, there is not nearly enough time for the serious athlete to groom their talents and be on par with the upper echelon of the

Anyone aspiring to a career at the collegiate level is severely handicapped and must travel long distances and pay exorbitant prices to get the necessary training.

At the writing of this page, we’re scheduling outdoor clinics and actively searching for an indoor facility. We have seen literally hundreds of facilities and there are some possible venues. Stay tuned for further developments. All of the latest info will be posted in the ‘Events And Clinics’ section.

Still swinging,

Steve C
Executive Director

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